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Aerobatic Training

Advanced Tailwheel Instruction

Learn how to land any high performance aircraft like the Pitts Special, Extra 300, Christen Eagle, and many more. These aircraft are uniquely challenging to learn how to land due to their pitch sensitivity, yaw instability, and completely blind forward visibility. If you can land a Pitts, you can land anything. We will also teach you how to perform an emergency engine out approach and landing in aircraft that glide like bricks.

Basic Aerobatics

Learn the fundamentals of basic aerobatics. G force management, where to look, safety, and energy management. In this course you will learn how to roll and loop as well as perform Immelmann’s, split s’s and Half Cuban’s.

Spin Training

You will learn basic spin recovery, inverted spin recovery, flat spin recovery accelerated spin with power and without power. This course will prepare you for anything that could happen while practicing aerobatics as well as build confidence in recovering from the most extreme unusual attitudes.

Upset Recovery

Very nose high, very nose low, upset from inverted, You will learn how to recover the aircraft from any situation confidently making you a better pilot.

About Our Instructor Art
  • 3500 hours

  • Naval Aviator HH-60 Seahawk Pilot

  • Air combat USA Instructor Pilot

  • Certified Flight Instructor-Aerobatic and Tailwheel Instructor Pilot

  • International Aerobatic Club Competitor
  • Graduate Aerospace Engineer/ College Professor
  • Atlas Airlines 767 international commercial pilot

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