Get your Multi Engine rating in our state of the art Tecnam P2006T


The Tecnam Twin P2006T is an all-metal, high-wing FAA Part 23-certified airplane powered by two 100-horsepower Rotax 912 S3 engines. The airplane is produced by Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam, based in Capua, Italy.

Several design parameters have helped keep the airplane light. The landing gear is attached to the fuselage instead of the wings, enabling a lighter design for the wing structure. But what really makes the Tecnam Twin light is the choice of engines. At only 160 pounds each, including lubricants and coolants, the Rotax 912 S3 engines are at least 25 pounds lighter than other small piston engines.

The Rotax engines’ small size allows for smaller engine cowls, which reduce not only weight but also drag. With total fuel burn of only about 10 gallons per hour, the Rotax option doesn’t demand a large fuel capacity, which provides an additional weight advantage. Nearly 26 gallons of fuel can be stored in each fuel tank, located in the wings outboard of the engines. That makes the total fuel capacity a little over 51 gallons — about half that of other light twins, which is logical since the fuel burn is also about half. More about the engines in a bit.

According to Tecnam, the light but solid construction has earned the P2006T a 140,000-hour life limit on the airframe — a major plus for high utilization environments, such as flight schools.