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These guys were great.   My girl friend booked a flight lesson and they managed to fit me in as well at a great rate.

533886_554358951251970_587644377_nPre-flight: The instructor took us up in the flight simulator, spending at least 20 minutes a piece.  After we were done he took us around the plane to explain the different parts from the ailerons, rudders to the yoke.

Flight:   He took us both up allowing us to flight and showing how over-compensation worked.   He loved hearing the endless questions we both had.   The instructor was very detailed, explaining how the flight’s controls and mechanisms work together.  My GF demonstrated she knew what she was doing while flying and he took time to let her descend and land, telling her all sorts of tips.   I only had one flight under my belt, he didn’t let me land (which is completely fine) but he gave me some great points on how to improve my steering of the plane and how the controls worked to find your heading.

Post Flight: After landing the owner spoke to us and asked up how our flight was.   Everyone really wanted input and cared how we were being treated.   They knew we were not from the area and used a groupon, but they were equally concerned which shows the sign of a great business.

If your in the area, I would highly recommend checking this place out.  We did a couple’s get-a-away based around this experience staying at a local hotel.  It was a great weekend excursion.
Joe Y. Los Angeles, CA

Yep, bought a groupon for my son to fly, for his 21 st b- day. He loved it and they are really great people working there. I highly recommend this place. I even put up a flyer at my work that stayed posted an entire year. It’s such a cool thing to be able to say you have done.
Penny C. Perris, CA

I got my boyfriend a flight lesson for his birthday.   This place is awesome and have already recommended it to friends and family.    Everyone was so friendly.
Brianna A.Fontana, CA

My daughter wanted to try a discovery flight so we went on Sept 21, 2013.  Elizabeth was her instructor (I was able to join the flight in the back seat).  We thoroughly enjoyed the experience thanks to Elizabeth’s professional and personable manner throughout the flight.  The plane was a Cessna L something and was clean and comfortable  It was  easy for my daughter to reach all the controls (she’s barely 5ft tall). The staff in the office was friendly and I highly recommend Riverside Flight Academy.  I’m sure the other instructors there are competent but I really liked Elizabeth.
John F. Riverside, CA

I am a long time pilot and as such I have to have a flight review ever two years.This year I chose Riverside Flight Academy. I have been in there several times before and Dave was always very helpful. Johan and Herbert are excellent instructors, great attitudes. Having the big flight simulator there is helpful as well. Prices are quite reasonable, I’d recommend them to anyone.
Steve G. Riverside, CA

A pilot I’ve recently befreinded told me “your training at Riverside Flight? They put out good pilots fast..they don’t milk their customers dry”. That sums it up. I have taken lessons off and on for years. Lots of flight schools.
I went in with a simple request. My wife had gotten me a lesson in a dual control P51 Mustang for Christmas…a dream come true for me. I knew I needed to shake the rust off.
Riverside Flight was the second facility I tried this year. I told Dave he had 4 months to get me ready for the premier warbird. He didn’t say “we’ll teach you everything you need to know”. He told me I should consider tailwheel training along with the conventional gear airplanes he offered. I was sold. Honesty. Intergrity. Great advice.
I am now 17 hours away from my lesson in Betty Jane, the only P51C with dual controls in the world. There are P51 w/duals, this is the ONLY razorback tho…
Instructors-both Asher and Johan have given instruction I will never forget. Combined with my taildragger training I am ready.
Although they have not provided all of the training I have taken this year, without the advice and lessons provided by the staff at Riverside Flight Academy I would not have the comfort level and flight experience I will need for the 360 seconds I have coming to me for this “once in a lifetime dream come true” flight lesson.
Dave Jones Riverside, CA

We just had a wonderful experience! I found a deal on Travelzoo and we tried it out. What a great time. The staff was so kind, the facility is great and the instructor was very calm and knowledgable and did a great job with my husband who has no experience flying whatsoever. We highly recommend this place.
Summer P

163538_429565243802149_1862920748_nI had been in a Cessna 172 as a passenger one time a few years ago, and it was then I knew that I wanted to get back up in the air.  I set up my flight with Dave at RFA, and he was super nice, informative, and kept me updated on the weather conditions through the day before my flight to make sure it would be a pleasant experience.  I did the Discovery Flight which included 15 minutes in the cool RedBird simulator, then about 30 minutes of actual flying.  I expected to be able to take the controls for a few minutes during the flight, but much to my surprise I actually flew with guidance from Johan (the instructor)  a majority of the flight!  It was the coolest thing.

Johan was very clear with directions, very patient, and a great teacher.  I will be honest, the adrenaline rush made it difficult to relax, but it was the most amazing experience.  I know that my next time in the air will be more relaxed as I feel so much more confident even after just one flight.  I plan on taking more lessons, and RFA would be a great place to do it!

I highly recommend RFA and the Discovery Flight.  Remember to get the video so you can relive the experience and share it with your friends… they WILL be impressed!
Cindy D. Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I’ve been in small plane a few times before, so I had an idea of what to expect. However, this was my first experience with a flight simulator. That was very cool! It helped me to get familiarize myself with the controls (mainly the pedals) and get an idea of how everything looks when flying from the front seat of the plane (instead of observing from the back seat).

After the flight simulator training, Johan walked me around the plane & pointed out all of the main parts. After that, we jumped in the place & went for a ride with great views of Lake Elsinore and Canyon Lake. Not to toot my own horn, but I did pretty well for my first time as a pilot.

After my first training session, I’m convinced that I should become a pilot (in this lifetime)! LOL Take a few lessons with Johan if you get a chance. It’s a wonderful experience! 🙂
Vivian H. Corona, CA

I just returned from a Discovery Flight at Riverside Flight Academy.  I have flown in the past, forty years ago.   Career, marriage and growing children have filled my life until recently when I retired.  I watched the first season of Flying Wild Alaska, and I became motivated to find out  if I still  enjoyed flying. I called Dave, and he was able to schedule me for a flight the next day.  I had flown Cessnas in the past,  and I wanted to try something different, so I chose the Piper Warrior for my flight.  I flew with Johan, who let me do some of the taxiing out to the runway.  He  assisted me with the takeoff ,  and then let me do most of the flying for the forty minute flight, right up to the final approach and landing.

After returning to the office,  we had a short debriefing on the flight, and Johan logged the  time in my logbook.  The cost of the flight was very reasonable,  especially considering the cost of gas these days. I was really amazed at how beautiful the Riverside area is from the air.  You can see everything from 4000 feet.  I now intend to continue flying and get my Private Pilot License for Single Engine at Riverside Flight Academy.  The atmosphere is very laid back and friendly, and  they answered all of my questions.  The website is very informative. If you think that you might want to learn to fly, talk to Dave.   For the Light Sport Aircraft license, they now have a Gobosh 700, which is a really sleek, sexy looking low wing aircraft.  It replaces the Cessna Skycatcher referred to by other reviewers.   It looks like it is doing 100mph just sitting in the hangar.  Try it, you’ll like it.
Will R. Big Bear City, CA

This place is awesome..!! I had my first flying experience Dave and Ed made this a fantastic experience. 5 Minute walk over around the plane (introduction about planes and flight in general) followed by 15 minutes simulation experience got me exited and ready for the actual 30 minutes flight. It was great day to fly and the flight instructor (pilot) was experienced and very friendly. It was a joy 30 minutes flight with little bumps along the way… Flew around Lake Mathews and just made a big turn before Lake Elsinore. On the way back flew over Lake Mathews.  Great experience overall!!
M S. Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I had such a great time here. In the hour and a half that I was there I got to fly a simulator for 30 minutes and then an exploratory flight which went for another 30 to 45 minutes in a real airplane! I was give the opportunity to take off and pilot the plane to Lake Elsinore and back. I can’t even communicate how much fun this was. If you want to try it, and you live nearby, this is the place to do it. Thanks again Dave and Johan. 🙂
Joel Ortiz


Just finished an introductory flight and my experience was amazing!  The staff are extremely friendly and fun and the instructor, Johan, was top notch.  He explains everything so well and is able to adapt to your personal skill level on the fly (no pun intended). I will definitely be back to start my Private Pilot’s license with them.
David C. Moreno Valley, CA

This place is amazing! This was my very first experience flying a plane and the staff at Riverside Flight Academy made it very enjoyable. The first part was some simulator time with a takeoff and landing, basic control theory with Johan who is as patient and focused as they come. They have a Cessna and besides being a small nifty little plane, is stable, agile and took most of the anxiety away with all the instrumentation and easy controls on it. A 30 minute flight made it a complete experience, flying over lakes, groves, urban areas and contemplating the beauty of the Southern California mountains on a picture-perfect day. This is a great place with great instructors and a friendly, no-frills environment that I greatly recommend. Thanks to my wife for the perfect birthday present and Riverside Flight Academy for the experience.
Bernardo A. Fontana, CA

I originally booked a flight with Riverside Flight Academy to surprise my wife for Valentine’s Day.  She was super excited, but on the morning of our scheduled flight, the flight instructor gave me a call to inform me that while it was still “safe” to fly, visibility was pretty low, which would result in a less favorable experience.  As such, he recommended that I reschedule for another day, in hopes of having better weather. Boy was I surprised that Riverside Flight Academy would miss out on business by discouraging their clients from flying!  This just goes to show that they have their clients’ best interests in mind, rather than trying to make a quick buck. Later in the year, I took my wife to Riverside Flight School for her 30th birthday. I signed her up for the “discovery” flight, which includes 15 minutes of ground instruction (learning about the plane’s external features and how they keep the plane in the air), 15 minutes in a flight simulator, and 30 minutes of flight time with an instructor.

My wife tends to be pretty adventurous, while I’m the complete opposite. I have a fear of heights, and can’t stand roller coasters.  I do OK as a passenger on a commercial airplane, but still have a fear of flying.  When my wife mentioned that she would like to learn how to fly, I was thinking there was no way in the world I would get in that plane with her! When I called Riverside Flight Academy, Dave was extremely helpful and friendly.  He informed me that there were two different discovery flight options – one with the flight simulator, and one without the flight simulator (roughly $50 cheaper). Dave explained to me that the flight simulator was recommended for anyone that hasn’t flown a plane before, as it gets  your body and mind prepared for what you’re going to experience while in the actual plane.

My wife wasn’t worried and wanted to skip out on the flight simulator.  Since I was going to be a passenger however, I really wanted to experience the flight simulator.  Since the flight simulator only has enough room for two people (instructor and student), Dave was kind enough to allow me to do the flight simulator, as my wife would be flying the plane. Let me just say that the flight simulator was awesome! It really made me feel like I was flying a plane, complete with motion and all! Dave showed me how to take off, land, and navigate the simulated plane, and pointed out the Ontario airport and other landmarks on the simulator’s computer screens. It felt so real, I was afraid to crash the simulator! 🙂 This really helped me feel more comfortable about getting into the real plane (Cessna Skycatcher) with my wife. Our flight instructor was Kim, and she was fantastic! The flight included amazing views of La Sierra University, Lake Matthews, Dos Lagos, and even Lake Elisinore!  I was in the back seat of the plane like paparazzi snapping all kinds of photos of the breathtaking views and of my wife having the time of her life!  After the flight she admitted she was a little scared, to which I told her she should’ve done the flight simulator! Upon landing, it was time to pay for our adventure.  Apparently we had just missed a Groupon special that expired, but Dave went ahead and honored the Groupon pricing for us, which saved approximately $80!!! I am so pleased with my experience at Riverside Flight Academy that I have recommended it to several of my friends, and will definitely be going back to fly again!
Don S. Riverside, CA


Absolutely amazing! I got the discovery flight deal and as a first timer, I didn’t know what to quite expect. The instructor Johan was very friendly and patient. He made the whole experience comfortable and easy to understand. Any worry that I might have had about not being able to fly a plane was put to rest through this experience. The simulator was very neat to get to use, and gave me a better idea of what to expect. The flight was amazing and I was even able to have a video made of it! The feeling of fight is truly exhilarating and  I am looking forward to getting to go back and eventually get my pilot license. I will definitely return to RFA and recommend it to anyone interested in getting into flying.
Jesse M. Riverside, CA

I purchased the Groupon deal offered for the introductory flying session. I was so excited about my first personal flying experience. My expectations were exceeded by Riverside Flight Academy. Johan, my instructor, was extremely patient, easy to understand, and super friendly. As I woman, I wasn’t sure if I would be completely comfortable in the setting, but I was more than comfortable. The simulator gave me a good idea of what the actual flight would entail. The actual flight consisted of about 30 minutes of air time over mountains, valleys, and Lake Elsinore. With absolutely NO prior experience, Johan encouraged me to take control of the plane as much as possible, and I believe I conducted most of the take-off, and some of the landing myself. What a confidence-booster! To top if off, they offered a DVD which recorded the entire experience! I would definitely recommend this top-notch company to any other fellow novice! 🙂
Janna P. Rancho Cucamonga, CA