About Us

ID-10065308Riverside Flight Academy is located at the Riverside airport (KRAL) in sunny California where we have better than 300 flyable days. We have all the tools for you to achieve your flight training goals. We offer aircraft rental, ground school, private, instrument, commercial, multi-engine and flight instructor pilot training.

We like to think we offer an atmosphere that is kind of unique and different. A comfortable and functional environment, helpful and knowledgeable staff, courteous customer service, skilled instructors, and well maintained, safe aircraft.

Most flight schools will tell you that it takes 75+ hours and close to $15,000 to get a pilots certificate, that is not the case. We have an average of 45-50 hours and a cost of $6500-$7000 for a private pilot certificate all inclusive based on how the student pursues the training.

We pride our self on providing professional results and cater to all levels of students and pilots.

We will help your dreams take flight.

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