Flight Training

Riverside Flight Academy offer all levels of pilot training from your first flight to the end of your commercial training for your new career, if you are on that track. We use a variety of aircraft and a state of the art Redbird simulator which gives you a well balanced learning experience that will allow you to be an successful aviator. Learning to fly here in Southern California is one of the best places to learn to fly and do flight training in the US. USA has half of the worlds total aviation and the Southern California area especially in the Los Angeles area is some of the busiest airspace in the world. You will learn how to handle that as part of your training and mastering that will make you comfortable flying just about anywhere. We can make your dreams of becoming a pilot come true.

  • Light Sport – For recreation and fun in 2 seat airplanes
  • Private – For personal flying with friends or family in a variety of airplanes
  • Instrument – Gives you the ability to fly in instrument conditions as well as makes you an all around better and skilled pilot
  • Commercial – Allows you to work as a pilot
  • Multi Engine – Allows you to fly airplanes with 2 or more engines
  • Flight Instructor – You can now share your love of flying and help others become safe, skilled aviators

Flight Schedule