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Riverside Flight Academy is located at the Riverside airport (KRAL) in sunny California where we have better than 300 flyable days.

We have all the tools for you to achieve your flight training goals and have been training pilots since 2011. Our instructors have more than 100 years of experience combined and have trained 100′ of students who have become safe private pilots, instrument, commercial and professional airline pilots. 

We offer ground school and flight training for private, instrument, commercial, multi-engine and flight instructor certificates . We have trained many pilots who pursue their new found hobby and truly enjoy the magic of flight. Some go on to the next steps and become professional aviators. We offer a comfortable and functional environment, helpful and knowledgeable staff, courteous customer service, skilled instructors, and well maintained safe aircraft.

Many flight schools will tell prospective students that it takes 65-75 hours and close to $15,000 to get a pilots certificate. That is just not the case. We see an average of 45-50 hours and a cost of about $8000 for most private pilot certificates which could vary  a-bit based on how student pursues the training.

Today there has never been a better opportunity to be a commercial pilot. The opportunities today are the best in aviation history, good pay, benefits and plenty of jobs. If you have been thinking about an aviation career come see or call us (951)588-6300.

Let us show you how in 10 months you can be a flight instructor making $30,000+ and in 2 years be at an airline making $50,000 plus a $40,000-60,000 first year bonus and benefits. After that it get’s even better and consider this is working an average 14-17 days a month. So there is plenty of time for hobbies or other projects or even some additional income on the side.

We pride ourselves on providing professional results and cater to all levels of students and pilots. Many former students today own their own airplanes, flying around the country. We have former students and instructors flying for many airlines including Skywest, Envoy, Compass, Trans States, Endeavor Air, Atlas Air and more  

We will help your dreams take flight.

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Flight Instructors!

Full or Part Time
Fly 80-100 hours per month
Make $30.00-$35.00 per hour
$36,000 – $48,000 per year
Bonuses and Incentives
Support and Mentoring