Pinch Hitter Course

Make your flying companion more comfortable and able to control the airplane in an emergency or just better able to help out on flights.

      • 5 Hr’s Ground Instruction
      • 5 Hr’s Flight Training

Lesson One – The Airplane

The student will become familiar with airplane systems, controls, and how it flies.


  • Aerodynamics and Principles of flight
  • Instruments
  • Flight Controls


Four basics of flight –

  • Straight and Level
  • Turns
  • Climb
  • Descent

Goals: We want the student to be able to name all controls and instruments, and maneuver the airplane during flight.

Lesson Two – Navigation

We will get familiar with radio navigation, VOR system and GPS if applicable.


  • Sectional Chart reading
  • Basic VOR function


  • Review four basics of flight
  • Demonstration and practice VOR flying, intercept, and tracking.

Goals: The student will get familiar flying the four basics of flight within altitude and within headings while intercepting and tracking the VOR.

Lesson Three – Communication

We will get familiar with communication with air traffic control.


  • We will talk about and practice communications with ATC
  • Review of charts and airspace


  • Student will tune and listen to ATIS, make calls to ground, and tower.
  • Student will review previous lessons.
  • Student will contact approach control and establish flight following.

Goals: Flying assigned VOR radials while maintaining altitude and heading, look up and use appropriate frequencies and make radio calls.

Lesson Four and Five– Take off and landing practice.


  • Traffic pattern and procedures.


  • Take off and landing practice

Goals: Be able to fly the pattern and align the airplane with the runway center line using rudder and ailerons properly for wind.