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Pricing –  Aircraft rental wet rates per hour, fuel included. Flight training only.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Pilots must cancel rental flights and/or lessons with their flight instructor at least 24 hours prior to any scheduled flight or a one hour flight and/or instruction fee will be billed to your account. If you have a legitimate emergency need to cancel there is no charge to you. Please be accountable for the reservations you make and plan accordingly. Aircraft are difficult to reschedule inside of 24 hours. Thank you for your understanding.

REFUND POLICY: There are NO REFUNDS on block time purchases. Students are responsible to fly off ALL flight time and maintain a 180-day flight currency with us once payment is received. If we do not hear from you in that time the account will be closed and any balance might be fore-fitted

Ground School

Private – 35 Hour course

Tuesday / Thursday 7pm – 9pm



30 Hour course

Call for details 951-588-6300


Below are some price examples based on required and/or minimum flight hours to give you an idea of cost.

Prices do not include check ride fees or personal items.

Cost may vary based on how you pursue your training and also on individual rate of learning.

Private Pilot

Cessna 172

Includes 25 hours of dual instruction, 15 hours of solo time, ground school and 5 hours of ground instruction.


Instrument Rating

You must hold a private certificate or higher. Includes 20 of dual instruction in the RedBird LD, 20 hours dual instrument flight time in a single engine aircraft and instrument ground school.


Commercial Certificate

If you meet all the requirements this package will finish you up with 20 hours of dual, 10 hours of complex time and 10 hours of additional training plus 10 hours of ground to prep you for the checkride.


Multi Engine Rating

Includes 10 hours dual instruction, 5 hours ground school.