Useful Links


FAA – Federal Aviation Administration

MedXpress –  FAA Medical Certificate or Student Pilot Medical Certificate (Brochure)

IACRA – Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application

TSA – Alien Flight Student Program

AOPA – Aliens and Non-U.S. Citizens Seeking Flight Training

Pilot certification – In the United States

FAR’s – Federal Aviation Regulations

AIM – Airmans Information Manual

AOPA – Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association

Aviation Weather – NOAA

WeatherMeister – CA Aviation Weather

FLTPLAN – Weather, Flightplans, Charts & more

SkyVector – Flightplaning, Charts & more

AvWeb – News and Information

Airwise – News and Information

Live ATC – Listen In to ATC frequencies all over the world

30,000 Feet – Aviation Links 

GlobalAir – Aviation Directory

Airline Pilot Central – Pilot Forum

PPRune Forums – Professional Pilots Rumor Network – Practice for your written test

Airline Profiles – Who is hiring

Climb to 350 – Pilot Job Board (fee)

Android Apps

AvAre – Navigation, GPS moving map

IFR Timer – Simple timer for IFR & GA

Naviator – Navigation, GPS moving map

Garmin Pilot – Navigation, GPS moving map

FltPlan Mobile – Weather, Flight Planing, Charts & More

Smart Log Book – Great Log Book App

Aviation Pocket Knife – Various Pilot Tools

Aviation Calculations – Aviation Calculations App

iPhone Apps

Foreflight – Mobile Map