Some will say you have to go to a large 4 year university to be a pilot which is simply not true. Many of our former students have successfully completed regular degrees and paid for flight training out of pocket. The cost of a 4 year degree flight program through the big schools can cost you $200.000+. Through our program with average rate of learning cost is about $45,000 plus whatever in state tuition you pay for 2/4 year degrees in CA which can be a big saving.

Today our students are employed with large regional operators like Trans States Airlines, Compass Airlines, Skywest Airlines, Mesa Airlines and others. Ask us for more information.

Financing your flight training will allow you to get into your career and get paid faster. You can be debt free in just 2 years with the right path. 

AOPA now has a program which is specifically for flight training and is much like conventional financing.  Don’t forget to apply for scholarships, see below. 

Some other available financing options,

Lending Tree

Plane and Pilot
Simple Tuition, 
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Learn to Fly Scholarships

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